• Gadlee嘉得力 Washing machine series
    Sucking sewage, dry surface, improving environment
  • Gadlee嘉得力 sweeping machine series
    efficiently collect garbage and dust wherever indoor or outdoor, no omission
  • Gadlee嘉得力 commercial cleaning equipment
    comprehensive cleaning solution- variety of single dish machine, vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner.
  • Gadlee嘉得力 Vacuum cleaner series
    working 24 hours in industrial production of metal, nonmetal, oil water etc.
  • Gadlee嘉得力 Cleaning tool series
    a variety of bucket, floor cleaning tool, glass cleaning tool and microfiber cloth to make your cleaning more efficient
  • Gadlee嘉得力 Cleaning agent series
    necessary supplement to cleaning machine, suitable for clean and maintenance in different areas

Online Service

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